Sudbury Shrine Club Units

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manitoulin island

Haweater Unit

Haweater Shriners have an affinity for Hawberries that grow in abundance on Manitoulin Island.

hillbilly on a rocking chair

HillBilly Unit

We are known as the Sudbury Shrine Club, Clan 46, Outhouse #2, and associated with the Rameses Hillbilly Shrine Club Clan 46.We are the home of the Hillbilly Ramblers, a musical group within the Shrine Club.

penny farthing

The Penny Farthing Unit

“Born to Ride”  -  Fun with a purpose. Dressed as an English Bobby, riding various sized Penny Farthing bikes. Participate in various parades in the area.We support & promote the Shrine Club.

recyclying symbol

Recyclying Unit

Collect aluminum cans, bottles, aluminum foil, & clean scrap aluminum for funds.

Information about any Unit may be obtained by contacting us or telephone 705-524-0335